Signing up in heaven for being sent to earth through woman

Angel: well, your choices are limited. You've waited till the last minute.

You: yeah, I got busy and lost track of time.

Angel: uh huh. Looks like in the last earth age you pretty much bombed out.

You: really?

Angel: not to worry, you get two more rounds.

You: How many rounds have there been?

Angel: well let's just say it's an exhaustive process. No useful souls left behind, and all that.

You: how can I improve my odds?

Angel: In the last round, sign up early.

You: I can still make the first resurrection, right?

Angel: unlikely at this point. I can count on one hand the people that made the first resurrection in the twentieth century.

You: oh, come on. That can't be right.

Angel raises eyebrows and looks over reading glasses at you.

The gravity of the situation comes over you and you hear yourself say,

Help me Jesus. I'm going in.